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The data distribution service for realtime systems dds is an object management group omg machinetomachine sometimes called middleware or connectivity framework standard that aims to enable scalable realtime dependable highperformance and interoperable data exchanges using a publishsubscribe pattern.

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dds4 tape cartridge delivers reliable performance for unattended backups at 150m dds4 tape is longer than dds3 125m holding twothirds more data.

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Hi im wanting to build a vfo to run an old drake 2 nt xtal controlled transmitter im interested in what you have built here i will need some kind of amp to bump up the output to 4v ptp manual calls for 12v on 15 meter band for some reason.

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Who we are early intervention 03 under part c of the individuals with disabilities education act idea is first connections the department of human services division of developmental disabilities services is the lead agency with administrative oversight.

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There are a number of professional degrees in dentistry offered by dental schools in various countries around the world.

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Fletcher dds us destroyers in action warships no 8 jerry scutts joe sewell and robert harrison don greer and tom tullis on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers the uss nicholas dd449 was commissioned on 4 june 1942 a significant event for the us navy it marked the service entry of the first of 175 fletcher class.

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Dr davis began her dental career in the dental hygiene program at west virginia university she had such a love for the dental field that she continued her education and earned her.

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Dental mythbuster 4 dentists still use novocaine there are some dental myths i hear quite frequently in my dental office in orange ct the novocaine myth is one of the most common.

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4 what its not a mystical and mysterious quality blocking or pushing away a thought or feeling a quick fix a cureall a skill you learn all.