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How do I make A Favicon ?

Ok...it's real easy. Follow the below simple steps to generate your own favicon for your web site.

Open up your favorite Paint Program. We prefer Paint Shop Pro because it has lots of features. We don't need anything too fancy so start a new file and open it with the size of 100 x 100 pixels. Remember the finished Favicon will be displaying at 16 pixels by 16 pixels. Once you got a design that you want make the Favicon, save it to your hard drive...and please remember where you saved it to. Save it with any name and use .jpg .gif or .bmp format.

Go to our Home Page and load it. You can spot: Source Image and you should click the button that says Browse and navigate to the folder where you saved your design and click on the file to load it into the form.

Click Generate Favicon. Within seconds our favicon generator will display your design as a Favicon format and gives you an idea of how it will look to the viewers of your website.

Happy with the design/favicon? If everything looks good then click the button to DOWNLOAD you favicon. Save it to the same folder on your hard drive that your website files are located.

Ok...you have successfully created a favicon.ico file for your website..NOW?